My curls are coming back! 😍
I have to admit… I started missing that dance happening on top of my head, hehe.. I wonder what manes they wil turn into this time… 🦁🤪

Even though My curls pretty much still come out curling the same way, they feel new. I’m enjoying them in a different way.

I’m enjoying the rediscovery of me and the world as an individual, as an entrepreneur and as an Access Facilitator. After 36, 10 and 7 years, it’s like I’m learning a totally new language, with a lot of the same day to day tools and using them in a completely different way

Relaxing more, different actions, choosing to not stress out and to ask and receive without force, being with people in a different way and probably most impactful is really, being willing to let things ‘fuck up’ by not being so extremely controlling – let things change if they change

It’s been an inside job ‘process’ and a big detox – and Wow what a difference…
You get it when you get it – hehe – and it’s still unraveling…

Also so much of my past creative work experience is coming back to play in a different way. Now I can actually see the gift it always was, how fun theatre, dance, singing, acting and modeling actually was – and is…

And what the power of joy is! That power that apparently I always and still doubted and gaslighted, yet I kept on choosing to uncover it, as so much other people kept on acknowledging it in me, even through the veil of still believing that thát was me.

Most of that veil that has worn off
It was a sneaky veil that stuck with me for so long, which surely also weirded others out which made a lot of them move away from me, until me was gonna come out

I can still sense the veil as it lives in and through many others who are looking or not looking to uncover…

Now I can see what I always functioned from

The facilitator role I have always known to play and to play it well. While developing myself as an entrepreneur and facilitator, Being for others was so much easier than being for me

Now adding ‘Being Me’ to it is like… one big ass peaceful change.

I enjoy looking at the world in a different way. I’m using Access Tools in a way that I always secretly envied others for, especially when they created ecstatic changes in their lives and I was just kinda just smiling at them and cheering for them, yet… from behind the veil.

Like “wtf are they doing and being that I am apparently not…?”

What a turn on to keep a humanoid going haha 😜

The space of choice and action is now

And I’m so grateful and honored to create with so many amazing individuals.

Thank you Nicky de Kruijf for this shot 💛
So much magic with you and your camera, catching this moment that encompasses so much.

I can see the play with reality and I fucking love it hehe.

What inspiration are our lives, choices, bodies and our powers while living on this planet…?

What have you allowed today, to inspire and move you…?

Nicky Alexandra Photography