Welcome to YOUR world, through my world.

You are HERE! How awesome!

Hi! I’m Merlijn 🙂

I’m thrilled you are reading this!

“How much do you want to empower yourself in a world that is not really designed to empower you?”

Sounds daunting huh…

Well… what power are YOU that is already there…? 🙂

If you ever felt you don’t really fit the mold of ‘this reality’, looking to ‘get it right’, not to be ‘too much’ or anything else that makes you ‘feel wrong’ about wat YOU are… in life, in business, with money, in relationships, with your body, with the medical, financial and other systems of this reality….

I know I have 🙂 

What if you were never wrong? And you will never have ‘get it right’ either…? And what if you don’t have to try to do so anymore…?

Since 2011 I have been honored to facilitate thousands of people around the globe to a freer and more amazing life, more awareness and possibilities.

If your are looking for a change in any way, you are most likely looking for empowerment of what already lives withing you, of how you are wired to engange and function on this material plane.

Are you looking for (a) ‘change’? Do you know that there is more available and possible in life?

“What do I do?” you might ask yourself.

Well… if you know me you probably already know 🙂 

After working with several modalities over the last decades, currently I LOVE using and working with Human Design. I think the amount of rest and deeper understanding it brings into peoples lives and businesses is astounding.

Knowing what your strengths and qualities are allows you to relax into it and to start trusting that even more.

Knowing where you are not stable is a true gift and a guiding energy.

Experimenting with this is cultivating a trust within me what I’m still exploring myself and I’d love to introduce you to aswell.

What can it do and be for you?

Looking forward to seeing you sometime, somewhere, live or online.

What Magic is possible…?


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