Welcome to YOUR world, through my world.

You are HERE! How awesome!

Hi! I’m Merlijn 🙂

I’m thrilled you are reading this!

Sounds daunting huh…

“How much do you want to empower yourself in a world that is not really designed to empower you?”

Well… what power are YOU that is available to you now…? 🙂

If you ever felt you don’t really fit the mold of ‘this reality’, looking to ‘get it right’, not to be ‘too much’ or anything else that makes you ‘feel wrong’ about wat YOU are… in life, in business, with money, in relationships, with your body, with the medical, financial and other systems of this reality….

What if you were never wrong? And you will never have ‘get it right’ either…? And what if you don’t have to try to do so anymore…?

That might leave so much space for YOU, you might not even know what to do with yourself

for a couple of days… 😉

What is so valuable about adding awareness and consciousness to everything in life?

It makes your life bigger, more beautiful and rich in all areas. Whatever way that will show up.

You are Magic. Be it. 

What do you know…? 

Since 2011 I have been honored to facilitate thousands of people around the globe to a freer and more amazing life, more awareness and possibilities.

I am very proud to be an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator since 2015. These tools have changed my life

Are you looking for (a) change? Do you know that there is more available and possible in life? Let yourself be inspired by my online content, blogs, audios and videos. Go deeper with one of my Online Programs, Calls, Live Trainings and Classes, and for a deep dive into Consciousness perhaps a 1-on-1 session. I’m happy to contribute to your journey.

I woulnd’t wanna have missed my own journey for a second. No regrets, no shame.

Like… everything.

I’m so curious to what you will choose and create, as the power of creation is in your own hands. It may not always look like it, this reality will never acknowlegde it to turn you into a victim… yet…

You are the power, the magic, the choice and the consciousness that creates your life and what you contribute to the planet.

You get to be the source and the receiver of what you BE and choose.

I mean… how exciting is that…!?

“What do I do?” you might ask. Well… if you know me you probably already know 🙂 

What can I BE for you? What do you know…? 

I am very proud to be an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator since 2015. These tools have changed my life, ‘saved’ my life many times are of great value and enormous contribution in everything I create and facilitate.

They work quickly and dynamically in all facets of life. Mentally, physically, energetically and in strengthening your own knowing.

Knowing what I know allows me to empower me and so many others to keep choosing and creating in the world we live in. And sometimes I have no f*ckin’ clue whats next! 

Could that be… the adventure of Living…?

What can it do and be for you?

Looking forward to seeing you sometime, somewhere, live or online.

What Magic is possible…?