About Merlijn

Certified Facilitator | Performing Artist | Best-selling Author

Merlijn, known for his kindness, intensity, crazy, magnetic appearance and laser sharp facilitation, always had a capacity for empowerment. With a theatric background in the creative arts, the stage has always been a place from which he can inspire and empower the world. 

His fascination for living on planet earth has always been moving him forward, literally exploring the edges of life and death. Diving into energy psychology and empowerment from 2011, he is dedicated to empowering the organic abilities of the individual, that every living being has.

Merlijn’s forte includes energy transformation, naturally taking tension out of bodies, allowing rigid and deep judgments to change and empowering people to navigate the energies surrounding their daily life with ease.

However, Merlijn isn’t the only contributor to his work with others. He has added Miss Magic Merlot, his Drag Persona to sprinkle a less serious and more experimental and unbridled creative outlet to his practice. Using her bubbly, playful and sassy attitude has allowed Merlijn to not hold back and encourage his clients to let out their wild side without judgment.

People have changed depression, long lasting body pain, healed old and acute injuries in working with Merlijn and many have also learned to love and receive their body and the possibilities of living and creating their life.

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