Hey peeps ,

Movement: I’m available for work!

I’ve chosen to stop putting energy on my (group) coaching/facilitation biz.

I’m still available for it (1 on 1 & corporate) and might still launch and offer it, yet most things outside of the actual sessions don’t turn me on anymore. 

12 years has been quite the trip! Boy, I learned a lot.

I’ve not really been enjoying working with/on/in my own business the last couple of years. Only now I kinda know ‘why’:

What I háve been enjoying for the last half year – and what has kinda come to life without me trying to initiate it – is closely working with other businesses and entrepreneurs, putting my (Manifesting-Generator) jack-of-all-trades skills to work, using everything I have learned and honed in running my own biz and working with many other people and  businesses. 

Production, graphic (online & print) and video work (editing/brushing-up/posting), backend stuff, inspiration/marketing emails, email database clean-up, social media content/clean-up/strategy, basically: connecting the dots, bringing cohesion and oneness in their businesses.

A super welcome addition here is using Human Design. Knowing the design blueprint of the individual(s) business owner(s) I’m working with actually allows me keep track of what actually suits them well and what does absolutely nót, which are mostly the areas where they are most open and receptive, yet where they have also used the most control to ‘make it work’. 

I think this is the most relevant and efficient part of even – only simply – knowing your HD traits as people spend so much time, money and energy fixing/improving ‘not-self’ (for example frustration, resentment, anger, disappointment) in business, including myself – its incredible!

It’s fun and satisfying for me to listen, watch, guide along, work along and coach when required – ánd to ask questions that actually match their ‘design’ requirements and confidence, as everyone is SO different.

I love to respond to and work with other people and businesses and to actually see and sense the results.

I’ve been calling it ‘IT Business Healing / Empowerment’ – yet there might a different name, maybe it won’t even have a name.

It’s also very much been a ‘business healing’ in many areas as (online) business-land can look easy yet it can also feel like a mine-field to work with others. Distrust, non-transparency, not acknowledged learning-curves and resentment towards self and others, have been the main energies that have come up with all of these engagements. 

Collaboration works different for everyone, yet sometimes (I know) you can’t or don’t desire to do all the work to empower your business. Yet, what do you require? And who do you hire for that?

Honoring your design blueprint and recognizing it while ‘working’ and going about your day has been one of the most healing things for me over the last year. Nothing needs to be fixed or cleared, yet the ‘not-self’ habits and strategies can be deeply embedded, which obviously shows in the way a business is operating and making profit, or not – and in the individual actually feeling like they enjoy what they do, knowing that they can and are not stupid for not being great at certain parts: it’s not their expertise and blueprint, which is really something to honor and work with in stead of trying to ‘change’ it.

Plus knowing what to look for in other people based on their energetic make up makes hiring and the work so much more efficient (I feel most people miss or ignore this knowledge)

If I add my energy, things get moving – and get done.

This is what I’ve been doing in longer trajectories, on monthly base and I’m loving it.

I’m not saying that I will not go back to (group) coaching / mastermind atmosphere again, yet, If you can use my multi-skillfulness, work speed, efficiency, business awareness, getting stuff done and adding some extra power and life-force to your business and creations, reach out to me. We can have a meeting to talk and see what your vision is, what you require help with and if we are a match.

If it all feels like a mess to you now, that’s ok, I’ve been there. Vulnerability will allow things to move, surface and clarify.

However if you just require someone to edit (simple) video’s, or anything else in my wheelhouse, we can talk about that too.

I have hour rates and my project rates are totally custom. 

Most relevant is that it will empower you and your business

And that you (can start) feel(ing) great about being an entrepreneur, individual or team.

Ps: I do require to know what your Human Design blueprint is for my work purposes, whether you and your employees are into it or not. We can talk about the why of that in a conversation.

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