Because we cannot look along on your device, your phone or computer, here are the most frequently asked questions, described as simply and in as much detail as possible.

Is something still not working on your equipment? Ask someone you know or anyone in the neighborhood who is handy with this to help you and to take a look at it with you!

How does it get any better than this…?

TELEGRAM is app App you can download on your Smartphone ad Computer!




MAC and WINDOWS (for Windows click ‘All platforms”)

After downloading the application you can just install it, follow the steps to get it ready for you to use!

How does it get any better than that?

TELEGRAM | Group Rules & Privacy

We experience Telegram as a super fun and handy app for larger groups that can work for everyone!

Here are some group and privacy rules to ensure everyone’s integrity of Merlijn & team:

In a ‘Telegram channel’ you will only see messages coming from Merlijn & Team! You are also not visible to other participants in a ‘channel’

You can chat under every post and you will not get any notifications of that, provided someone responds to a message from you! If you chat along with, you are visible to the other members and if you only read along, you are not. You have a choice here!

in a ‘Telegram ‘group’, where everyone can see you have joined te group and everyones messages are visible to everyone.

We kindly ask you not to send other participants unsolicited private messages. Is there a nice connection from both sides? Great! And please first ask publicly in the chat if you can approach the other individual privately.

If someone else prefers not to chat privately, please respect that. Also please indicate the same the other way around if you do not desire private contact and please report it by e-mail if someone does not listen or respond to your request.

This is not about Merlijn & team desiring to control:

we do care about integrity and respect for everyone in our groups and channels, as a place where everyone’s choice is respected and celebrated!

Everyone can choose to stay in the channel and groups to participate in the classes and challenge and enjoy the Live Voice Chats when they take place!

How does it get any better than this?


NO, you do not need a BOX account to download or play any files!
So you do not need to install or upgrade BOX to play or download the files!

Simply ignore the notification if/when they appear.


You can easily listen to the AUDIO on your mobile!
You can also simply watch or download the VIDEO online with EASE.

Saving the AUDIO/VIDEO files is best done on your computer!

* Select the AUDIO/VIDEO by clicking it
* Find and click ‘DOWNLOAD’ – or simply press PLAY to play online!

If this doesn’t work? Please try using a different browser!
Or ask someone in your area to take a look and help you!


Downloading ZOOM on your computer, smart phone or tablet is done within seconds!
– Links (to participate in the ‘meetings’) will be sent to you by email.
– After your investment for a Call, Class or Online Program.
First time using ZOOM?
– Click on the Button (or on the Zoomlink in the email)
– Installation of the ZOOM app will start automatically!

Simply follow the steps.

When the installation has completed successfully you can simply leave the meeting again:
“leave meeting” – Easy does it!

Make sure you do this before the Call, Class or Online Program is scheduled.
So you are online in time and the Call, Class or Online Program can start on time with total ease.

Watch an instructional video about how ZOOM.US works!

You can also dial in by telephone (local calling costs)
the Netherlands +31 (0) 20 241 0288
Belgium +32 (0) 2 588 4188
US +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll) or +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll)

When you call in, enter the number, the so-called “Call ID” of the zoom link:

Other international dial-in numbers available, here


Everyone can be seen and heard with video and audio when using ZOOM.

When entering a ZOOM Call, video and audio are turned off by default on arrival. This creates a pleasant atmosphere for the AUDIO and any VIDEO recording.
You can switch your video on and off yourself by clicking on the ‘display’ icon and it is not necessary to have it turned on.
Sound can be turned on if the opportunity arises. This is done in consultation with Merlijn.

You can switch your video and audio on and off in the screen yourself by clicking on the icons ‘microphone’ and ‘screen’! So you don’t have to be visible if you don’t want to.

If you don’t say anything and/or have a lot of background noise, it’s nice if you turn off your sound to prevent noise and background sounds on the Call and recording!
So it’s best to turn off your sound if you don’t have anything to say or have any questions!

It is useful if you can use earplugs with a microphone to prevent echo!


Merlijn regularly goes LIVE on one of his pages or in one of his groups on Facebook.
Facebook Live may be used during Online Programs. (If this is the case, this will be clearly communicated)
For Calls and Online Classes ‘ZOOM’ is used.

When using Facebook Live during an Online Program: Merlijn will, at the time of the session, turn on the live stream and allow a few minutes of run-in time so everyone can easily access it!


There will be a notification
Like: “Merlin is LIVE on [page] or in [group]
OR you will come across the video if you open the Facebook page/group and scroll through it!

If you can’t find the video, just refresh the page/group’s web page on the smartphone app every now and then! (computer: first by clicking the circle with arrow in the URL bar. Smartphone: try ‘swiping’ the group down so that the group reloads and you see the new content at the top of the page)

CLICK ON THE VIDEO, to join the LIVEstream!

It’s LIVE, so there is no link in advance to get started before I go LIVE.

While the livestream is in progress, Merlijn will NOT answer ANY technical questions himself, so please make sure you are there on time! If necessary and possible, you can ask technical questions to someone from Team Merlijn during the livestream.

If you don’t get any sound from the LIVEstream, or if your connection is unstable

– Switch to WIFI instead of your DATA bundle, or vice versa!
– Get out of the LIVEstream and come back in again!

Merlijn’s connection can also be unstable, or the LIVEstream & sound can have some delays, which can often be related to the energy of the LIVEstream.

You can ALWAYS watch it again!

“What would it be like to get on the live stream every time to watch and receive with total ease and pleasure?”

These processes can help!

“Everywhere I find technology, computers, telephones, Facebook, buttons and other technology difficult, have made difficult and don’t want to know anything more about it… I now destroy and uncreate it all! POC & POD”

“What am I not willing to receive in and on this livestream…? POC & POD”

TIP: Do you want a notification from Facebook when the live starts…? Like and Follow my pages to get notifications from Facebook!

– My English Facebook page
– My free English ‘Merlijn’s Magical Space’ Facebook group